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Classy clutches

Bridesmaids gifts are a toughy…what to get for the ladies who have not only been by your side during the wedding planning process, but most likely have been there for every big (or every mundane) moment of your life thus far? No doubt the best gifts are the ones that are the most personal. Sure, it’s easy to get your bridesmaids a spa treatment, or jewelry (and these gifts are certainly appreciated)…but it’s just as easy to make your attendants gifts that much more meaningful by giving them something more personal. Whether it’s a DIY project, or a gift related to a memory with each bridesmaid, by getting a little more creative, you will honor your bridesmaids with gifts that they are sure to treasure forever.

One idea I absolutely LOVE are these handmade clutches. With an $8.00 pattern from Etsy.com (an absolutely awesome site for everything handmade), some fabric, buttons, hair ties, a sewing machine, and only a minimal knowledge of sewing, you can create these super cute clutches for your number one gals.

With reasonably-priced fabric, each clutch should cost you around $8-$12, leaving money to spare to stock them with goodies, like lip gloss, a monogrammed compact mirror, or whatever else you find inspiring.

Personalize them even more by using different fabric for each girl, sewing a mirror into the flap, or sewing in a personalized note to each bridesmaid.

Love love love it. Happy planning! 🙂


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