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I’ve got pie on the brain lately. After getting some seriously amazing pie supplies for Christmas and subsequently making not only a beautiful, but delicious (if I do say so myself) apple pie last week, it has become my new mini-obsession. And just my luck, this morning I found another great idea for pies to use as favors, or at your dessert table (remember the pie pops I raved about recently?).

For your pie pleasure today, I bring you Pie in a Jar!

I can’t get over how cute these are!! And surprisingly cost-effective! Buy mini mason jars in bulk (you can find a dozen for $8.49 here!), refrigerated pie dough (or make your own easy crust for event cheaper!), and filling (use fruits that are in season to spend the least), and you’ve got creations that are as fun to look at as they are to eat!

Find the whole tutorial at Best Bites here! The best part? You can make these babies way ahead of time and freeze them!! Talk about knocking stuff off the list early! 🙂


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Pretty cake stands are the new thing…a little vintage and a lot gorgeous, they can take your cake from pretty to pretty amazing. But these beauties can cost you a pretty penny for something that will probably lose the battle to something more practical for room in the cupboard after the wedding. So why not make one for a price that won’t bring you to tears to part with?

This is so easy. Betz White, in her blog “Stitch Beautifully, Tread Lightly“, shows us how to make beautiful display stands in just a few simple steps. First, scour your local Goodwill/thrift store for glass/crystal (if you score big) parfait glasses and dishes…the lesser they match, the more character your stand will have. You can usually acquire these for less than $5 a piece. You can also use antique china, teacups (in lieu of the parfait glasses), or antique silver platters, for a completely unique look.


  • Glass or crystal parfait glasses and dishes (or china, ceramic, silver, etc.)
  • Clear caulk or silicone

That’s it! Now:

Apply silicone or caulk sparingly around the rim of the parfait glass.

Invert the parfait glass onto the center of the bottom of the plate

Invert the parfait glass onto the center of the bottom of the plate

Wait for it to dry (around 36 hours) and voila!

Wait for it to dry (around 36 hours) and voila!

For around $10-$15, you have a beautiful stand to display your cake, cupcakes, favors, escort cards, etc! Now that’s something to celebrate…with cake! 😉

How have you gotten creatively chic and cheap in displaying your desserts, favors, or escort cards?

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Let them eat cake

Ohhh, the wedding cake…one of the oldest wedding traditions. Remember when cake and punch was all you’d find at wedding receptions? Even today, surrounded by decor, music, lighting, and fabulous buffets, the wedding cake continues to act as a centerpiece for the reception. It’s another way for the couple to express their personal style through layers of fondant, gum-paste flowers, edible ribbon, and elaborate cake toppers. The only problem with these personalized, edible masterpieces? The cost. It simply is hard to justify hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars for something that 1) is just going to be eaten 2) not everyone will even eat it 3) fondant is disgusting 4) restricts your choices (1 layer of chocolate, 1 layer of vanilla, 1 layer of banana…and don’t forget, varied layers means more moolah).

With so many choices these days that play on the traditional wedding dessert, why not try something different? You’ll not only save yourself some money, but you’ll set yourself apart from all of the other 5ft. tall, cascading sugar roses, seen-it-before wedding cakes out there.

One idea that is sure to be a crowd (and eye) pleaser, is to have multiple cakes! With varying textures, flavors, and colors, you’re sure to strike up a combination that every guest can indulge in. Place them on varying cake plates and surround them with your wedding florals and candles to dress up the table they’re displayed on.

The best part? You can make your own cakes if you’re baking inclined (or have a friend/family member/bridesmaid who is), or you can purchase them separately for a fraction of what a multi-tiered, custom wedding cake would cost. Still want sugar flowers? Add them! Have your heart set on a cake topper? Now you can have 5 cake toppers! Love pie? Have a wedding pie! What an easy (and yummy!) way to save money on your wedding reception!

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