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In these economic times, many couples are opting to skip/postpone a honeymoon. And for couples on a tight wedding budget, spending money on a lavish trip is that much harder. But it shouldn’t be! After all of the stress of planning, and the fun celebrating with family and friends, every newlywed couple deserves time to celebrate with each other as the new Mr. and Mrs.  As the creators of Honeyfund.com state, “Your wedding day goes by so fast! It’s your honeymoon that creates the memories that last a lifetime.”

Most couples these days already have all the kitchen appliances and linens they need, so the need for a traditional registry is minimal, if not totally unnecessary. Honeymoon registries are a great way for your guests to maintain the tradition of gift-giving at weddings, while giving you the honeymoon you deserve. There are many honeymoon registries out there, but few that are free of registry fees…until Honeyfund.com hit the scene.

A sample Hawaiian Honeyfund registry

A sample Hawaiian Honeyfund registry

They have created a site making it easy for couples to register themselves for Honeymoon-related gifts, where guests can “purchase” activities for the couple to enjoy on their honeymoon, help the couple pay for airfare, romantic dinners, or spa treatments, or give just a simple dollar amount to be used towards the couple’s honeymoon. You can personalize your registry any way you’d like, even having the option to donate a percentage or a fixed amount to a charity of your choice. Simply direct your guests to your honeyfund.com registry, and let the fun begin!

With a resource like Honeyfund.com, your dream honeymoon is just a few clicks away! 🙂


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