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I think we tend to make too much of a production of the rehearsal dinners-they should be fun and relaxing for everyone, there’s enough stress the following day! So why not save some stress- and money!- by having it at home, whether it be your home, parent’s home, family friend’s, or whoever has enough room to host your bridal party, parents, and out-of-towners (or whoever you choose to invite).

Keep it simple with food that can be prepared ahead of time- think entrees that can be frozen, like lasagna (and this can be prepared both with meat and vegetarian), simple salads, sangria, fresh bakery rolls, and homemade pies and/or cakes for dessert.

BBQ’s are also a great option, especially in the summer months! Serve burgers and hot dogs buffet-style, with fresh watermelon, side-salads, lemonade, and homemade ice cream for dessert. Yum!

Decorate in your wedding color scheme, with gingham table cloths, votive candles, paper lanterns, twinkle lights, and fresh flowers (but don’t go overboard with the flowers…save those for the wedding). Don’t worry about using traditional plates and flatware- paper plates and plastic flatware will do just fine. To jazz up the plates, use scalloped-edged scissors to create a decorative border.

Use at-home stereo equipment (or a boombox…whatever you’ve got) to fill the space with soft music for ambiance. Set up a volleyball net, if you have room, or stage a “Newlywed Game” with the bride and groom or already-married guests to help get the conversation going. We did this at my sister’s rehearsal dinner and it was hilarious! Find sample questions here!

Use your imagination to create an event that not only shows your appreciation for your wedding party, parents, and whoever else your honoring at your rehearsal, but also that represents your personalities. Try to make it as simple, budget-friendly, and fun as possible- you’re getting married the next day! So just enjoy it. 🙂


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