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Centerpieces! Every day across the country couples are making decisions on the inanimate table bunchings that are commonly referred to as centerpieces. Since it is far too easy to spend the equivalent of a 2004 Hyundai on the centerpieces, it becomes important to take another look at centerpieces and what THEY can do for YOU.

SIDE NOTE: A wedding is a major life event that encompasses so many elements, personalities and preferences that it can be completely overwhelming to tackle every aspect – as well as give the proper attention to some crucial aspects. It only seems appropriate that, with our eternal logic and practicality, a man offers his perspective. I am here to bring a healthy dose of mansight into this massive world of weddings. This is usually where Andrea rolls her eyes at me, so back to the subject at hand…

All too often, couples jump to the decision of what color flower to use or what kind of decorative (see glossary) glass to display at the center of the tables without asking the question of ‘what can our centerpieces do for our guests’? At best, your centerpiece will have a beautiful flower display that is pleasant to look at. And since your guests will be staring at the tables for several hours, it is only appropriate that it is pleasant to look at. What if that centerpiece can not only be aesthetically pleasing but also FEED and ENTERTAIN you?? I propose a fully interactive and yes, pleasant looking centerpiece that incorporates flowers and food.

I am still in debate about which food would be best for this new breed of centerpiece. Personally I don’t think there is a better food on the planet than meatballs. A simmering cauldron of meatballs and lil-smokies amongst a small gathering of flowers and shrubbery? Are you kidding me? That would rock my world as a wedding guest. I would unravel my napkin to find a small silver two-pronged poker just begging to impale the simmering meat products – it would be at that moment I would know I was at the greatest wedding of all time. Realistically however, keeping meatballs and lil smokies at the proper temperature would be difficult because it would require an outlet underneath every table and a hole in the middle of each table. That is just not practical.

Transform this spectacle into the greatest centerpiece of 2010

This leads me to a room temperature food option. Since the second best food option on the planet is a meat and cheese platter, I propose (pun intended) an impressive array of ham, salami and various cheeses on an elevated platform at the center of the table. Surrounding the platter is a combination of small flowers and greens making a beautiful jungle surrounding the glory. You really want to dazzle? Throw in some lil smokies wrapped in crescent rolls stabbed on a kabob with assorted sauces hidden among the flowers. Healthy items like veggies and fruit can also be kabob’d and dispersed in the centerpiece. However you do it, your guests will be so excited to see that they don’t have to wait for the buffet line to get started on the best part of the wedding (appetizers).

A delightful blend of classy and tacky. Yes, it can be done.


Decorative: an adjective given to an item or collection of items which if purchased separately would be inexpensive and common. For example, potpourri; this stuff is made of pinecones and dried leaves. Both of which are things most people are forced to irritatingly rake from their yard. Combine them with powerful scents and you get to pay $6.99 per pound!

“Only if you like it too”: you will begin to love this starting immediately

More glossary terms to come…


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I can’t believe tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend, with your homes  full of family and your tummies  full of turkey and pumpkin pie! And if you happen to be celebrating your wedding around this Thanksgiving holiday, I thought I’d share some bountiful, Thanksgiving inspired centerpieces that would be perfect for your harvest wedding. 🙂 Enjoy!

I absolutely love these centerpieces.They are nontraditional, elegant, and season-appropriate. All you need are colored grasses, wheat, and some gorgeous ribbon to achieve this look. Make one large one for each table like the picture above, or make smaller ones of varying heights to fill the center of the table. The best part about these is that they can be made weeks ahead! Double points for being inexpensive and being able to check it off the list early!

The fruits and vegetables available in the fall season are not only scrumptious, they’re absolutely beautiful. Add color, texture, and natural elements to your tables with these bountiful foods. Use green beans, asparagus, or citrus slices to surround candles…or artichokes as votive holders. To make the vegetable centerpieces, simply use a rubber band to secure the veggies around the candle…then cover with ribbon of your choice. Gorgeous. 🙂

For the citrus centerpieces, thinly slice the citrus fruits about 1/8-inch thick. Place a wire cooling rack on a cookie sheet, and then arrange the sliced oranges, lemons, and limes on the rack. Put the cookie sheet and rack in an oven preheated to 250 degrees for approximately two hours, or until all moisture is removed. (Tip: If you find that your slices have not dried in 2 hours, you can also turn off the oven and leave the fruit in overnight.) Using a glue gun, connect the citrus slices to each other, forming a band around the base of each candle. Do not glue them to the candle. Once your candles are decorated, cluster them in the center of your Thanksgiving table and weave berried branches throughout to create a cohesive centerpiece.

Cranberries make a huge color and texture statement. Use them to surround candles in clear vases or glue then to foam balls for nontraditional pomanders that everyone will be talking about.

Incorporating traditional fall elements in nontraditional ways is a great way to bring an unexpected twist to your Fall wedding. And these ideas are simply beautiful…and beautifully simple. 🙂

Happy planning!

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October weddings do not always have to equal orange…if you like orange, great! but if this bold color doesn’t make it into your color scheme and you still want the look and feel of fall, using white pumpkins is a great (and cheap!) way to bring your favorite colors and the autumn vibe into one space.

Place beautiful flower arrangements in them:

Adorn them with moss, glitter, crystals, whatever you like!:

little ones make great table numbers!

Carve your initials, wedding date, favorite quote, or design:

There are so many ways to personalize pumpkins to make them not just quintessentially fall, but quintessentially you! And at under $10 a piece, they’re quintessentially under budget. 🙂

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The hydrangeas are in season and apples are a fall favorite…put them together and you have a stunning autumn centerpiece that is not only easy on the eyes, but easy on the wallet! If your wedding is in late August or September, hydrangea costs will be at their all-time low (and odds are, you probably have some in your backyard already) and apples are going to run you what…$2.00 a lb? So cheap + cheap = fabulously cheap!!

I attended an event this week (not a wedding…wish it was. It was relatively boring) and they had these beautiful centerpieces adorning the tables.  I thought, how pretty! I must share this idea…so I snatched one (just kidding…they gave it to me) and here it is, to amaze and inspire you!


Colored pins are placed in the apples to dress them up. Go with rhinestones for some sparkle and glitz!

If you’re going for an apple theme (which I love), how cute are these apple escort cards with leaf-shaped tags and colored pins?

The change from summer to fall is bittersweet…but at least the air conditioning bill should start to come down…leaving you more money for your wedding budget, right? 😉

Happy planning!

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I CANNOT believe it’s August already…ahh! As the leaves are starting to turn here in Portland (seriously…they are), so is the wedding season from bright colors and warm weather to golden hues and crisp autumn air. Fall is one of my favorite seasons and is becoming more and more popular for brides and grooms to say “I do.”

Sooo, with fall comes fall wedding decor. While browsing through all of the magic that is Etsy, I found these adorable birch vases, that the seller will customize for you for FREE!

How amazing would these look at your fall wedding, with your initials, wedding date, favorite quote, or whatever you want, carved right into it! Use them as centerpieces, to decorate the cake table, or wherever your little heart desires…fill with greenery, flowers, or votives to achieve the look you want.

These little treasures are listed for $14 a piece, which can get spendy if you need quite a few. However, if you live in an area where birch is prevalent (like Portland! woo!), or have another tree in mind, and you’re handy with a saw, making these shouldn’t be too difficult. Use a dremel with a small head attachment for quick and easy carving (also works great for carving pumpkins).

So if you’re getting married the fall and are going for that outdoor, rustic, romantic look, these birch vases might be just what you need. Here’s to bringing in fall and another great wedding season! Happy planning!

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The weddingistas over at Oncewed.com have done it again. They’ve created an inexpensive, and beautiful (!!) DIY centerpiece that is sure to make you and your budget very happy. These tissue paper centerpieces are so easy to make, and to customize, you’ll have no trouble creating unique centerpieces that are all your own.

Using the materials shown in this centerpiece, this project will cost you around $7 a pop. That’s right! $7!! Of course there are ways to customize this project that can either add or subtract costs, but you’re sure to end up with fabulous centerpieces that will set you back WAAYYY less than traditional floral arrangements.

Ways to customize:

  • Use different colors, patterns, and textures for the flowers (you can even purchase silk flowers for a more “realistic flower” look…this will cost you a bit more, but is still very reasonable)
  • Spray paint the branches to coordinate with your color scheme
  • Add crystals, ribbons, buttons, feathers, etc.
  • Hang table numbers from the branches
  • Use different vases (teapots, birdcages, gourds, baskets, etc.)
  • Fill the vases with different materials (fruits, pebbles, marbles, colored water, baby’s breath, leaves, etc.)
  • Make it a “wish tree.” Provide the table with little slips of paper and pens for guests to write wishes/congratulations to the couple to be hung from the branches. A centerpiece guests can interact with is sure to be a hit…and is a great alternative to a formal guest book!

Find more on this project here! Happy planning! 🙂

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Using bird cages in your centerpieces is a great way to bring the outdoors in for your indoor wedding, or to accentuate the summer setting at your outdoor event. If you’re having a “garden” themed wedding, I can’t think of a better centerpiece to fit that theme. Bird cages are completely different from your standard floral arrangement, adding visual interest and a touch of whimsy that your guests are sure to not only notice, but talk about them well after the event!

Inside, you can fill them with whatever you want! Flowers, moss, branches with little fake birds on them, fruit, hanging pomanders, candles, whatever fits the style, feel, and theme of your wedding. Whether your look is vintage or modern, bird cages can match any look you’re going for.

Sooo, how much do these classy cages cost? Well, if you can find a place in your town to rent them, that’s going to be your best bet. Otherwise, it’s time to bargain hunt! Currently, on ebay.com, this beautiful blue bird cage is on sale for $11.00:

This very ornate birdcage is also on sale, with the bids currently at $11.00:

With the size and grandeur of this particular bird cage, too many of them would clutter the room. Having just one, maybe on the head table, the table in the very center of the room, or on the dessert table, would make a statement, still giving off the vibe you’re looking for. And on other tables, you can have your typical floral arrangements along with a few mini bird cages to keep the theme consistent. This bird cage is on sale for $7.50 on ebay:

And don’t think that the bird cages all have to match. Having different colors, sizes, and materials will bring in variety, while still looking cohesive, being surrounded by the same flowers and colors of your other decor.

With a little bargain hunting, and a lot of creativity, you can have these beautiful centerpieces and still stay on budget!

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